Retail Reminders (RR)

I will be posting a sporadic segment called “Retail Reminders.”

It’s time for the smart consumer to become a polite one too!  I have worked in the retail industry for long enough to say that retail is the place you will gather your “rudest stories.”  That is not to say that the rudest people are the ones knocking over the stacks of clothes you’ve just neatly folded, but that is to say it is where people seem to forget many of their manners.

I come from a generation that is frequently accused of being rude and unappreciative.  I would argue we are quite the contrary.  Being accused of this has actually made many of us highly conscious of our manners – only it also often inspires resentment rather than killing-with-kindness.  In enduring work in a number of lowly positions, I have come to learn that there is not one generation more inconsiderate than the next.  We are all guilty of not thinking of others when we place our own priorities above all else.

Retail Reminders are designed to give a voice to the hard working students paying their way through school, the hard working single mom that needs a part time job, or just the hard working Average Joe that has the mettle to withstand the barrage of frenzied consumers.  These will ultimately be tips the customer can use to treat the sales associates with whom he or she comes in contact with the utmost respect; in return, you’ll find the associates more than willing to accommodate your needs even better than you’re accustomed to.


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