About this Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog.  I’m Kait, and I’m going to be talking about manners.

Right now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey, I’m a pretty nice guy; I have friends.  What do need to know about manners? I say please and thank you… I don’t swear in front of my grandmother. I think I know what’s going on.”

Well, if you mind your Ps and Qs, great – but there is so much more to do! We interact with many different people on the daily.  How often do you come home complaining about someone nasty you met?  Similarly, when something really nice happens to you, don’t you appreciate it and think about it later?

Often I have thought, “Wow! That person was really polite,” and all because someone simply held the door for me or said “Have a nice day” in passing.  These simple gestures can make or break your day.  One time, I held the door for a guy for almost a full minute as he approached, and he didn’t make eye contact or thank me as he walked through the doorway.  How rude! I thought to myself. Sometimes people forget to do the simplest things without even thinking.

I want to change that.  Here you will find all the basics for being a decent human being.  This blog is designed to remind you how much the little things matter, how important it is to make a good impression, and how great it feels to be a good person!  Hopefully this will make mankind a bit more tolerable, and maybe even make you a few more friends.

Note: Header Image created by Kristie at creativekristie.webs.com


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