Walk much?

I’m going to keep this post brief, because heaven knows how many people
have already made their opinions known on slow walkers. However, this is more than a rant.  It is suggestions for proper walking etiquette and how to respect those around you.

Firstly, I will be the first to point out that I wish our culture had a  s l o w e r p a c e.  Every day there are fewer jobs available, more things you have to do to stand out from the crowd, more things you have to add to your plate to survive, and all of this requires more hustling and bustling. This means that whether we’re driving, cycling, or simply walking, we want to move fast.

Many people believe that because you don’t need a license to walk (the way you need one to drive) there are no “rules” for manoeuvring your way around on foot. This is false.

Similarly to operating a vehicle, walkers should try to stay on the right side of a path.  This allows the folks in a rush to pass on the left (go figure) without disrupting the flow of traffic or pushing aggressively past others.

If you are walking in a large group of people, try splitting up into twos or threes so you are not creating an impassable line in a hallway or walking area.

If you want to get around someone, do not push or shove. Simply catch their attention and say “excuse me,” or, if you do bump into someone, say “excuse me” or “sorry” as you pass.

Texting & Walking

attention while walking

While not quite as serious a crime as texting and driving, texting and walking can cause you to walk slower, thereby backing up the traffic behind you.  It also means you’re probably not tuning in to what is happening around you creating the potential for both carelessness and rudeness. Not only will you slow down the people behind you, looking down to text means you could bump into people in your own path, because you’re not watching where you walk.

I recommend “pulling over” or stepping off the main part of any walkway or hall  to use your mobile device.  If you text and walk because you simply don’t have the time to stop, make sure you look up often to see where you’re going and to be aware of those around you.

Here’s how one YouTube-r clears his way of slow walkers.  What do you think?  Rude or ingenious?


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