It’s showtime!

I actually had no intention of writing this blog post; in fact, The Oatmeal already did a great job illustrating how movie theatres should be laid out.  There were a couple people I would like to have drowned in that dome when I was at the cinema tonight.

My brother and I checked off another film on our Rotten Tomatoes list this evening, pleased at how vivacious and entertaining The Incredible Burt Wonderstone turned out to be.  Steve Carell, not surprisingly, was hilarious as was the entire movie.

Would you like to know what wasn’t hilarious?  The fact that I couldn’t concentrate on the movie due to the group of annoying, loud, privileged teenagers on my right, talking and texting away and due to the guy on my left texting throughout the entire movie.  I could even hear his phone vibrating.

I was so angry.  I hesitated to say something to them, because I didn’t want to embarrass my brother.  Not to mention, I felt at a loss.  Would they even listen to me if I told them to can it?  If I left to “tell on them,” I risked missing a great part of the movie.  I paid just as much as them to be there, and they were rude the entire time.  It was so sad, in a theatre with less than 20 people in it, that I couldn’t even enjoy the movie fully because of the noise and distraction.

What do you do?  Folks, I don’t have an answer for this one.  Emily Post’s Etiquette suggest offering a friendly “shush” or “quiet, please” – and if that doesn’t do the trick?  Talk to an usher or manager.  Unfortunately, this is an example of a lose-lose situation.  Being polite might not do the trick, if you get a manager and usher (hard to even find during the late show) you miss a good chunk of the movie, and if you tell them to “SHUT UP!” you risk an even noisier backlash.

In the meantime, I will tell you I was at the 10:05 showing this evening (March 14, 2013), and SHAME on those two groups of people in the back row of Theatre No. 1 at the Empire Pen Centre. I want my money back.

What do you do when there are noisy people, or “Tommy-Texters,” when you’re at the cinema?

(I’m the angry lady giving the death stare)


6 thoughts on “It’s showtime!

  1. I get SO angry when people use their cell phones in the movie theatre! I mean, I’m not perfect, I do use my cellphone at times when it may not be 100% acceptable. But I’m such a movie lover, and I hate it when I get distracted by stupid little kids who use the movie theatre as a social gossip environment, rather than to actually watch the movie!

    • I agree – I’m not perfect either. But when the use of my cell could quite literally RUIN something that someone paid for – and they don’t know me enough to tell me so afterward (like they could at dinner or in class) then I’m not going to do it! It’s probably one of the rudest things I’ve encountered.

  2. I never bring my cell phone into a theatre anymore. I just never found the need to have it on me at that point. I don’t want to forget to turn it off and distract everyone in the theatre, so I play it REALLY safe.

    I only had someone be annoying once and my friend commented and got him to stop by just saying “Bro”. If nothing else, say “could you turn ur phone to silent or turn down the screen brightness.”

    Difficult situation at times.

  3. I am the type that tries to shush them. I know some people find that rude but, if you are interrupting what I have paid for, I think I have the right to stay something. However, the worst is that people are actually using their cell phones in the Theatre now (when watching plays, musicals, etc). A movie theatre is bad enough for I always thought that, when paying anything from $50-$150 a ticket people would be a bit more respectful. I suppose that was just wishful thinking.

    • That’s terrible! I think this is where cell phones really cross the line as a plague on us. It’s so sad that people become so easily addicted to mindless things. Why spend $150 at the theatre when you can email and play angry birds from home? Seriously.

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