Ha ha ha – SHUT UP

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve overheard someone so obnoxious we wanted to hit them over the head with their own words.  Oh…maybe that’s just me?

Regardless, there are times when talking loudly and indecently in public is a no-no.  Whether you’re having a way-too-intimate conversation a little too loudly or yelling on your cell phone, in general, people don’t want to hear all your dirty little secrets – or your clean ones for that matter.

It is important to have respect for those around you and to be aware of your surroundings.  If you’re in a restaurant, the people two tables down probably don’t want to hear your flirtatious talk or complaint about your stressful day at the office.  If you’re in a place around children, you shouldn’t be dropping F*** bombs, or swearing at all for that matter.  If you’re talking on your cell phone, the conversation should be kept between you and the receiver.

Amy Alkon, author of I See Rude People, actually called someone who was having a phone conversation a little too loudly in Starbucks and spilt his phone number none-too-quietly from his lips.  He may not have known her – but she sure knew a lot about him just from overhearing his cell exchange (by no fault of her own). She notes people use excuses like “It’s a free country!”; “It’s none of your business!”; and, her favourite, “It’s a public place!”

Yes…it is, which means you share it with a lot of other people – people who’d rather not have their thoughts bullhorned away by the revelation that you’re in Starbucks, you’ll be home at six, and you have genital warts.

A little graphic maybe, but point made.  Use a reasonable volume.  The entire world is not only unconcerned with you, but it’s also extremely inconsiderate to force yourself upon other people via your obnoxious and annoying articulations.

I will be loud because it is not annoying at all to others in the restaurant

Toothpaste for Dinner – Restaurant People


2 thoughts on “Ha ha ha – SHUT UP

  1. It seems like it’s always the people who have nothing intelligent to say that feel the need to speak the loudest. Your post reminds of this character from SNL. (Crappy quality, I know.)

    I also think making simple, careless typing errors is an example of mad banners in the digital realm…

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