Good Deed for the Day

Here’s the best and simplest suggestion I can give for your good deed of the day: hold the door.

I think it’s something we should all get in the habit of doing.  I follow the 10-10 rule.  If someone is within 10 seconds or 10 steps of the door, hold it open for them.  If the person is using a cane or has an armful of groceries, even more reason to hold it!

We live in the age of digitalization and atomization – so much so that not only are many of our doors automatic, but also many of our own actions.  We walk around doing things without thinking.  This could become detrimental to the social fabric of our society as we become more and more self absorbed.  It’s time to start inserting good habits into our everyday routine so that manners also become automatic (while retaining their meaning).

Holding the door you’re going through is effortless, but it is not seen as often today.  Students bustle through hallways, thinking only of the next class they need to get to; adults push their way into malls, thinking only of their to-do lists; and in all of this, many people forget this simple gesture.

When someone holds the door open for you, thank them and pay it forward.  Hold the door open for someone else in turn.  If you’re going through double doors, and someone holds open the first for you, it is polite to go through and open the second for them.  You smile, exchange a laugh, and you have warmed someone’s day.


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