Time for Table Manners

Here’s a cute little video that does table manners better justice than I would.  I’m not talking about which fork to eat the salad or the fish with, but the bare basics.  Follow these guidelines, and you won’t be the rudest person at the table.  It’s better to be talked about for being “too” polite than for being disgustingly rude!

Manners like these are timeless; not all etiquette rests within a single generation.


4 thoughts on “Time for Table Manners

  1. technical question…how do you make the video the entire width of the column? Is that a wordpress thing? I can’t seem to change the size of my videos. Love the Disney link!

    • This is me thinking of others 😉 I personally prefer reading, because I can skip over the parts I don’t like, but I know others are not the same.

      That is all part of manners too – recognizing that others exist outside of yourself and that everyone is different. It is better to celebrate differences than exclude them.

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