RR: 5 Fitting-room Tips for the Courteous Customer

1. Don’t throw the clothes on the floor.  Remember, if you’re not going to purchase them, someone else is!  Why do you want dirt or sweaty feet all over the garments? You don’t and neither would anyone else.

2. Take in only what you plan on buying.  I get it, you have NO idea what looks good on your body type, that’s fine.  But instead of trying on the same pant in every colour, try a few different styles of pants, a few different styles of shirts, and go from there.  People often try and shop by grabbing everything that catches their eye and trying on thirty things in one fitting.

This is a TERRIBLE idea.  Once more than two things look bad on you, it’s all downhill from there.  First comes the self-consciousness, next the body hate, lastly the miserable mood.  Just grab a couple different styles you’re interested in (including something that’s foreign to you) and go from there.  The (usually-honest-in-my-experience) sales staff will be able to give you their opinion and recommend something for your skin tone and body type.

This is so much better than trying on thirty things just because they were on the sale rack.  Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it.  If you wouldn’t buy it at full price, DON’T buy it at the sale price.  It’s a rule of thumb that will get your wardrobe and wallet far.

3. DON’T put the clothes back yourself!!!! (Yes, this requires both caps lock AND multiple exclamation marks).  Unless you are certain of where you got it from, of how it gets hung on the hanger, that the buttons are all done up properly, or that you’ve folded it correctly – unless of ALL those things you are certain, do NOT put it back yourself.  Hand the garments over to the sales people who will put them away properly.

It is so much better for us to put them away ourselves knowing we have to fix the item up, than finding it in a crumpled ball on the floor in the corner of the store 20 m from where it should be.  Just let us do the dirty work.  It’s our job, after all.

4. Switch the item right side out. So simple, so effortless on your part – whether or not you have time to hang it up or do up the buttons, PLEASE at least make sure it is right side out.  That is one of the most annoying and unnecessary change room cleanups.

5. Thank, thank, thank!  The most obvious and courteous thing to do: thank the employee helping you.  Your appreciation will make them work harder for you, not to mention enjoy helping you.  I love people who are appreciative.  It shows me they have respect for me and my work, and, in turn, I provide them with the best service I can offer.

Clothes on the Floor


6 thoughts on “RR: 5 Fitting-room Tips for the Courteous Customer

  1. This post made my day. I know people are trying to be courteous by hanging items up for us, but it just makes more work. I always hated it at La Senza because our hanging instructions were so specific that customers could never get it right. Thank you for letting people know that it’s better to just not try.

    • I know that often the attempt is to be courteous too, however since more than often (myself as a customer too) it is too difficult to do it “right.” Many people are under the impression it’s better to try – but it’s not, because then you have to hunt through the store and find all the mistakes rather than just fixing it the moment they leave the change room. I can only imagine the nightmare of strictly hanging lingerie!

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