Smile :)

Hi folks,

I know everyone has a lot going on. We all have an inordinate amount of responsibilities on our plates and an endless to-do list.

Do not let this be a reason to frown!  I know no one likes to be told to smile.  If you’re having a rotten day, and someone tells you to “put a smile on” or that “smiling will make you prettier,” you will probably be curbing the desire to smack them.  That’s gonna take any extra energy you may have away from smiling. And even the myth that it takes fewer muscles to frown than it does to smile still won’t place a grin on your face.

Well, maybe this will help change your mind. Firstly, research shows that smiling, even when you’re not happy, can relieve stress or make you feel happier.  Your smile can actually relieve the burden of your everyday sorrow and stress – even if only to a small degree.

Not only this, smiling at people makes them feel good too!  I’m not talking about walking around the street with a deranged grin or a psychopathic sneer.  But smile in your interactions with people, smile at the cashier who gives you change, smile as you hold the door for someone, make eye contact and smile with the people who get on the elevator with you as you ride up in awkward silence.  At least now you’ve bonded with a smile together over this trying experience.

It’s hard not to smile when people smile at you.  It should be our goal to not only relieve ourselves of the customary afflictions of this world, but also try and help our neighbours.  This isn’t just hippy-nonsense, I tell you! Smiling will open doors for you.  Share happiness and change someone’s day.  You have the ability to brighten lives with the smallest gesture, and it is important to remember this.

Just as much as smiling will make another smile, frowning can have the impact of making someone else miserable.  Don’t be a scrooge this season, smile and the karma will be returned!


2 thoughts on “Smile :)

  1. I love this post about smiling. They are truly contagious, and I also suggest that everyone should try plastering a smile on their face at all times. You came up with a great idea to outline a guide for appropriate social behaviour. So many times people forget their manners, or even worse, forget that they are interacting with REAL people when they walk into a store. It is really a shame. My hope is that more people become aware of this issue and work to change it!

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